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Stacking towers

Stacking Tower "Girl"



Stacking Tower "Girl"


Invite a girl for toy tea and she will tell you interesting stories about art and about the artist who painted her, about children and their toys in great paintings. Disassemble it and you will have a set of abstract pieces for play, building or avant-garde designs.

We were inspired to create this Stacking Tower by the painting “Portrait of a Girl” by Van Swanenburg. We made it in collaboration with the Pushkin Museum, which presents the artist's masterpiece. The toy will be a warm reminder of a visit to the museum or an excuse to go to the Pushkin Museum to find the "Portrait of a Girl" and get to know her.
Each detail of the Stacking Tower is sawn and painted by hand. We use eco-friendly paints that are approved for children from birth, and we do not varnish the products to maintain their matte and velvety texture.

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Solid wood
Water-based eco-friendly paint


Made in Russia

Each element of these Stacking Tower is cut out of linden and painted by hand. We use eco-friendly paints that are approved for children from birth and do not use varnish, which preserves the velvety texture of the wood

How to use?

Disassemble and assemble the Stacking Tower in the correct order or mix everything up.

Imagine that the Stacking Tower is posing and draw it.

Use parts as building material and combine with wooden building blocks.

Find a portrait of a girl in the Pushkin Museum, and then other portraits of children. Get inspired and draw yourself.

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