Artist's Child

This collection makes you realize that the process is just as important as the result, that you can create new things that are unlike anything you've ever seen before.


Everything in childhood seems magical, and this collection is created to bring kids into a fairy tale world. Creating this collection, we remembered cathedrals, white outside and colorful inside, fairy tales with beautiful illustrations, hikes to the woods for mushrooms. It is a bright, colorful collection for those who celebrate childhood and life.


Flowers collection is about love. Children and parents do not need new toys, they need love. Our Flower collection is about love for children, for ourselves, for family and childhood. As each flower needs light, water and soil, so each person needs love, understanding and air. Toys from the Flower Collection bring calmness, inspire play, create deep family relationships, and bring beauty to every game and to every day.


Diversity collection is about peace and equality. People have different skin color, eye shape, hair, faith, love, but we all have red blood running inside us, our hearts beat the same, we breathe the same air, we live on the same planet. And it's in our hands to make the world a better place. Our Diversity collection tells that all skin color is beautiful and everyone is a king.


Basic collection is for the families who want to bring the aesthetics to everyday life. Basic means a basis for your creative ideas, imaginative play and time together. Everyone finds toys for themselves here - be it a scrupulous yet creative construction, stacker balancing or a joyful tea party, cooking and mushroom picking. Made of solid wood with a meticulous attention to details, sensory pleasure in mind and nature-inspired colors.


The only thing that remains at this time is to live every moment, to be close to children and play with them as absurdly as this world is absurd. And hope that our children, brought up in love, kindness and creativity will build a better world of the future.

Pushkin Museum

Now you can play with masterpieces of art, take them apart and put them together in your own way! It is not customary to make noise and play in museums, so children get bored in them. We launched a collection of toys together with the Pushkin Museum to make art closer, easier and more understandable for children. These toys will help you feel the spirit of the Pushkin Museum and will remain a warm memory of your trip to the museum.


Be as brave as Gustave Falconnier, the inventor of glass bricks, in the game. Build towers of unique shapes or become an explorer: go to the city in search of Falconnier bricks, Art Nouveau buildings and unusual architectural details. We made a collection based on Falconnier's glass bricks together with the Schusev State Museum of Architecture


"GES-2" is more than a museum, it's a space for development of the artistic community and modern culture. Raduga Grez - more than toys. These are objects for creative expression. We teamed up with "GES-2" and made a collection of toys: building blocks, arch stacker and vehicle tram. Previously, electricity was produced here for Moscow trams, and now, after the reconstruction of the building by the architect Renzo Piano (Pompidou Center in Paris), "GES-2" generates the energy of creativity. Toys from the collaboration between "GES-2" and Raduga Grez bring together play and contemporary art.

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