Rolling toys




Toys created by Raduga Grez in collaboration with GES-2 bring the world of childhood and contemporary art closer together.

These are toys for creative exploration by children of any age.

GES-2 used to generate electricity for trams - a new type of transport for that time, which radically changed the space of the city and gave a fundamentally different rhythm of life.

Together with Raduga Grez we made a wooden toy tram. A toy on wheels is an object that a child, with his energy, turns from immovable to movable.


Solid wood
Water-based eco-friendly paint


Made in Russia

The toys are made in Russia, in small batches by third-generation carpenters. The vehicles are made from solid linden, the wood from which icons and nesting dolls were historically made in Rus'. The parts are coated with safe, environmentally friendly and translucent water-based paint, which leaves a unique wood pattern and its natural velvet texture.

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