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Matryoshka Mushroom


Matryoshka Mushroom

Matryoshka is an old Russian toy, and mushroom is a symbol of the dense forests of central Russia, Siberia and the Urals. We combined the two images and got this set, simple and full of surprises, like childhood itself.

You can hide feathers, large beads, chestnuts and sea pebbles in the parts of a set or use them as bowls to feed teddy-bears and dolls. When unfolded, matryoshka looks like toy mushrooms – you can hide them in the nursery, and then collect them in a basket. You can play in a family where the biggest matryoshka is mom or dad, and the smallest one is the youngest child.

Children love opening and closing matryoshkas, arranging them by height, and are delighted to see that a large thing hides many small ones. But traditional Russian nesting dolls are sometimes not kids-friendly enough – the wood is rough and closes too tightly. We have made a matryoshka doll with all children's needs in mind.


Solid wood
Water-based eco-friendly paint

13x10x10 cm

Made in Russia

Matryoshka Mushroom is made by the lathe method – a round billet is put on a rotating machine and the master uses a sharp knife to give the desired shape to the wood. This is an ancient technique and very few people own it. Therefore, the number of toys is limited. But thanks to it, the parts of matryoshka dolls are perfectly smooth, easy to open and close.

How to use?

- Use as treasure boxes

- Hide beads in the nesting dolls, move them around and guess where the beads are

- Build unusual towers

- Play pieces like dishes: the stem will become a jug of milk, and the hat will be a plate or a cup

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