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Black Hen Vehicle


Black Hen Vehicle

Vehicle Black Hen is a beautiful noble shade: it has purple, burgundy, black, and blue. Just like a real black hen. With this toy you can play Pogorelsky's fairy tale or make up your own story. The toy with wheels does not have to be only a car, you can come up with a lot of plot games with it.

The vehicle fits comfortably in your hand, it is not heavy and stable. Let it go down the slide from the books. Or roll it on your shoulders and back, giving you a relaxing massage at the end of a busy day.


Solid wood
Water-based eco-friendly paint

10х11х5 cm

Made in Russia

Our toys are made of natural, carefully sun-dried linden wood and coated with safe paints without the use of lacquer. This keeps the natural, velvety texture of the wood.

How to use?

- Make a cozy house for the hen from a folded blanket or a roost from straw

- Roll the vehicle across the room without tearing it off the surface

- Let the hen race against the hare and learn about Zeno's aporia

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