Building blocks

Animal Tetris Building Blocks


Animal Tetris Building Blocks

The building blocks set combines children's love for animals, their natural desire for ingenuity and… our memories of Tetris. There is nothing surprising in the fact that it is interesting to play it with the whole familyю

The details of the building blocks are large and stable, so the figures are stable. In shape, they are almost the same as in Tetris, but we have added some truly animal elements: triangular ears, a nose and a tail with a button.

The building blocks develop creativity, logical and spatial thinking. The parts do not fall from above, but they also need to be twisted and twirled in search of the best combination.

The palette is based on natural colors that are successfully combined and help to see the figure as a whole, and not in parts.


Solid wood
Water-based eco-friendly paint


Made in Russia

The parts of the constructor are made of carefully grown and slowly dried linden and coated with safe, water-based paints. When you take the piece in your hand, you will see that the texture of natural wood shows through the paint.

How to use?

Collect all known animals, and then invent your own.

Make a Chudo Yudo - add details in turn, without agreeing on the result.

Guess who got who.

Use elements to build skyscrapers, houses, roads and tunnels.

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