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Vehicle Falconnier


Vehicle Falconnier

Fasten seat belts! Falconnier's brick vehicle sets off on a journey around the city in search of architectural finds: crooked mirrors, lions and Atlantes, unusual door handles and glass walls.

Its shape is also a small architectural masterpiece. In the 19th century, Gustave Falconnier invented glass bricks of various shades and shapes. We repeated them in cooperation with the Schusev State Museum of Architecture.


Solid wood
Water-based eco-friendly paint


Made in Russia

Each element is cut out of linden and painted by hand. We use eco-friendly paints that are approved for children from birth and do not use varnish, which preserves the velvety texture of the wood

How to use?

Roll over mom's body, at the same time counting how many vehicles would fit in it.

Take it outside and go in search of architectural oddities.

Become an architect and come up with an unusual garage for such a car.

Invent and draw vehicles of unusual shapes.

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