Imaginative play

Summer Forest


Summer Forest

Forest set is a piece of nature in your home. Its unusual shape develops creativity, natural colors soothe and its tactility transfers your attention from your mind to the body.

Forest set is ideal to feel calm in a turbulent time.
Our trees are little reminders for children and adults. They say that tiny seeds can give life to really tall and strong trees.



Solid wood
Water-based eco-friendly paint

Smallest piece (bush) 3х5 cm
Biggest piece (fur tree) 14х8 cm

Made in Russia

The pieces are light and stable, made of natural linden and painted with safe paint without the use of lacquer.

How to use?

- Role-play «Gruffalo»

- Take the Forest set with you for a walk in the park and find matching leafs or trees

- Lay a green scarf on the floor, it will be the grass. Use threads and twines as paths and a blue ribbon as a river. Inhabit your forest with toy animals

- Decorate trees with seasonal décor: stick small snowflakes on them in winter or golden leaves in autumn

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