Stacking towers

Stacking Tower Black & White


Stacking Tower Black & White

Stacking tower of different skin tones may be a perfect cause to talk with your child. Although the details are painted in different colors, they all are similar and equal, and made of the same material. People may have different skin colors, eyes or eye cuts, hair, beliefs or sweethearts, but we all have red blood in our veins and our hearts beat at the same rhythm. It is more than just a simple stacking tower – it plants ideas of equality and importance of every person into little minds.



Solid wood
Water-based eco-friendly paint

17х12х12 cm

Made in Russia

The toy is carved and painted by hand in a small family workshop in Russia.

How to use?

- While playing, discuss what equality and diversity mean

- Build figures on a flat surface. For example, a caterpillar or a snowman

- Imagine that the discs of the tower are stars (the way we see them from the Earth). Some of them are closer and bigger, others are further and smaller. Make constellations (existing or imaginary) with them

- Set wheels in motion. Which will roll further? In which surface: upwards, straight or downwards?

- Roll the discs down the inclined surface

- Assemble a pyramid in a top-down or random way

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