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Matryoshka House


Matryoshka House

Matryoshka is an old Russian toy that delights children.

We gave it the shape of houses, because it is so interesting to hide small animals or your treasures in nesting dolls.

Matryoshka can be opened and closed, arranged according to size, and towers can be built from them. They look stylish in the kid’s room and will remain relevant even for schoolchildren. You can neatly store the necessary little things in them: hairpins, bracelets, collections of badges or stickers.

Traditional matryoshkas are not enough kids friendly - they are difficult to open, and you need to close them so that the intricate pattern matches. Our matryoshkas are simpler and friendlier: the main thing is to choose the right size roof, and you can easily take it off and put it on as many times as you like.

Matryoshka is made in the old turning way - a round blank is mounted on a rotating machine and the craftsman gives the tree the desired shape with a sharp knife. This is a complex woodworking technique and few people know it, so the number of toys is limited.


Matryoshkas are made of natural wood and covered with eco-friendly paint.


Made in Russia

Matryoshka Acorn is made by lathe method – a round billet is put on a rotating machine and the craftsman uses a sharp knife to give the desired shape to the wood. This is an old technique and very few people own it. But thanks to it, the parts of matryoshka dolls are perfectly smooth, easy to open and close. And this toy embodies our favorite combination – natural wood and eco-friendly paint.

How to use?

Guess in which matryoshka the surprise is hidden.

Imagine that matryoshkas are a family. Big grandmother, and she has four grandchildren. Or dad, mom and kids.

Think of who can live in what matryoshkas Where to fit an elephant, and where - a mouse?

Pour different cereals or legumes into matryoshkas and make noise with them.

Build a tower out of matryoshkas.

Put notes inside for each other.

Arrange a home theater and use matryoshkas as decorations.

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