Building blocks

City in a Box Building Blocks


City in a Box Building Blocks

Building blocks, which open an urbanist in a child. The set is compact, but the set ups made of it turn out to be quite sizable. The details are lengthy, so they are suitable for buildings of several floors. It is a good set to play both alone and together. Can be built for long, by time and by age.

There are no ready-made houses, bridges, kiosks, or shopping malls, but there are elements that can be used to create anything: a modern high-rise or a small country house, a conservatory or a movie theater, a skatepark or a library.

The child can even choose the scale from which it looks at the city. One can count one element as a whole building and thus lay out a whole city on the carpet; or one can see columns, stairs, floor lamps, and window sills in detail, and assemble a beautiful interior. If you look closely, you can find a piece of the sky, or the moon, or a seedbed among the elements. The child decides for himself what he creates, and his imagination is not bounded. Details do not say anything, do not push to anything, they are just waiting for the moment to become part of something new, created by a young and inquisitive mind.

These building blocks go perfectly together with Moving People and Rounds.


Solid wood
Water-based eco-friendly paint


Made in Russia

We removed the sharp corners from each piece by hand, so when a parent accidentally steps on a toy, it will not hurt. And we do not cover toys with lacquer, so the pieces do not split and it is more convenient for children to build with them.

How to use?

- Create your dream city. What would it have: parks, ice cream parlors, galleries, bicycle paths?.. Discuss what urbanism is and why it is needed

- Imagine yourself as an architect and create different buildings: a concert hall or a family house, an ideal animal shelter or a train station with platform 9 ¾. Discuss which principles a building should adhere to, and which comes first, functionality or aesthetics

- Try to assemble a tower of elements as high as possible

- Make a snake of pieces, and see how long it is

- Trace the pieces on paper and create your own abstract picture

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