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Tea Set Terra & Blue


Tea Set Terra & Blue

If you put on your favourite pajamas and striped socks, bake an apple pie with cinnamon, make a fresh tea and invite friends at a table, then even the rainiest Tuesday will become cozier. Black or green tea for you? Any sugar?

A Tea set is a simple way to turn any day of your motherhood into a holiday.



Solid wood
Water-based eco-friendly paint

Cup (without handle) 5x5 cm
Teapot (with a lid) 11x12 cm

Made in Russia

This toy is handmade from solid wood. Masters with a lot of experience make it by lathe method. This toy was painted by us and nature. We chose a paint that gives color but leaves the pattern of the wood.

How to use?

- Dive into your mom's closet, dress up in the craziest dresses, and have a tea party like Alice in Wonderland.

- Every Friday bake a pie together, make a tea-party

- Serve a tea-table for the Queen/for a fox family/for pilots/for the Beatles etc.

- Learn about various kinds of tea: black, green, white, yellow. Learn to distinguish between them

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